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The Acro Last Chance Filter (LCF) is a self-contained filter assembly for point-of-use filtration in digital printing systems. It is designed to be used together with any of Pall's larger capsules in large systems or as a stand-alone filter in smaller systems. A laboratory-size filter is also available for testing new ink formulations and conducting printing trials.

HDC II and Rigimesh media options are available for the Acro LCF. HDC II media is all polypropylene and has a tapered pore structure. It provides good flow rates, long service life, and excellent gel retention. Rigimesh media is a sintered woven stainless steel wire mesh structure that provides excellent chemical compatibility across a wide range of ink chemistries.

  • Economical and compact point-of-use filter for digital printers
  • Specially selected connections for fast filter changes
  • Available in three sizes, for a wide range of applications
  • Housing material optimized for maximum blockage of UV light
  • Media selected for maximum performance in ink jet systems
  • Designed to be used together with another Pall capsule or as a stand-alone filter

  • Manufactured using Pall's Premium Syringe Filter technology (Aero 25 LCF)
  • UV-light-resistant housing materials (Aero 25 LCF, Aero 37 LCF)
  • Low internal ink hold-up volume
  • Economical construction
  • All versions feature all-polypropylene construction
  • Luer-LoK compatible and compression fitting connectors on both inlet and outlet
  • No binders, glues, or mold release agents used

  • Large effective filter area in a compact design
  • Negligible UV light penetration into the filter assembly (<0.02%)
  • Minimal ink required for flow
  • Minor impact on initial build and maintenance costs
  • Good compatibility across a wide range of ink jet ink chemistries
  • Secure inlet and outlet connections with positive sealing architecture
  • Low extractables

  • Can handle a wide range of flow rates without printhead starvation
  • Helps prevent curing of UV-sensitive materials
  • Rapid ink system priming cycles
  • Performance improvement with minimal impact on cost
  • One filter design can be applied universally across multiple printer families
  • Minimal chance for leakage; fast filter changes
  • Good chemical compatibility; economical disposal


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