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Activated carbon had been growing importance in the treatment of contaminated soil. Using extraction wells and vacuum pumps, VOCs present in the soil are released to the vapour phase and  then adsorbed on activated carbon. Depending on the VOC concen- tration, conventional adsorbers systems are used in such applications.  Donau Carbon offers mobile adsorption units for the cleanup of soil  vapours, which are available for purchase or for rent. The compact,  containerized units come with a complete service package from  delivery, collection, refilling and disposal of the spent carbon

DESOREX, mainly for Air and Gas Treatment, is available in the following qualities:

  • Desorex K 47
  • Desorex K 43
  • Desorex PI 50 K
  • Desorex KF 30x60
  • Desorex HGD 4 S
  • Desorex K 43 J

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