Active Carbon Filter



The systems are supplied without carbon filters as standard. It depends on the circumstances which type of active carbon filter is required. You will find an overview of the absorption abilities of type A filters in appendix 2.


Active carbon is an absorption agent or absorbent and it is the collective term for substances of which the internal surface area is increased via a so-called activation process. Active carbon can have strongly varying chemical and physical compositions and can therefore also strongly vary in its absorbing characteristics.

Coal is in fact a very porous form of carbon. The large number of pores mean active carbon has an incredibly large internal surface area. This surface can add up to 700-1600 square meter per gram of active carbon, depending on the type of carbon.

The active carbon parts (carbon atoms) attract gaseous or liquid particles (molecules) which surround the carbon, or flow through it.

If the active carbon is impregnated, it gains qualities which allow it to neutralize toxic materials.. The BMAir systems can be fitted with original filters with the standard A carbon, or the impregnated ABE, K, Hg and ABEK types of carbon (in conformity with EN14387).

As active carbon comes in many different types and qualities, counterfeit filters must not be used. The filters are often not provided with high quality active carbon. A FOS is in fact PPE and must be treated as such.

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