Environmental Compliance Equipment (ECE)

Environmental Compliance Equipment (ECE)

- Model WR UV/03 - Advanced Oxidizer Unit



The WR UV/03 unit provides advanced oxidation for wastewater treatment utilizing UV sterilization and Ozone combined in one unit. The water to be treated is pumped into the wastewater tank and first passes through a venturi where Ozone that is generated from the UV light is injected into the water. The water is then defected into the unit through a quartz tube where it is subjected to UV light @ 254nm The combination of having Ozone and UV is considered Advanced Oxidation and provides one of the strongest means of oxidizing organics, coagulating solids and destroying bacteria. An additional oxidizer such as chlorine. bromide or hydrogen peroxide can also be added to further enhance the process. These oxidizers can be injected or passed through a dispenser.

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