- Catalytic Thermal Oxidizers



AEREON's Catalytic Thermal Oxidizers/Catalytic Incinerators are designed to destruct hazarous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds in an effective manner. Basic design utilizes a catalyst to promote oxidation of the compounds and destruction is achieved at a lot lower temperature (600° F - 800° F) than a direct thermal oxidizer (1400° F - 1800° F). Destruction efficiencies up to 99.9% can be achieved. Primary advantage of AEREON's catalytic oxidizer is lower fuel requirements thus reducing the overall emission footprint.

Our systems are designed to provide maximum destruction efficiency and are tailored to meet the process conditions.

Our systems are designed to include any heat recuperation as necessary and heat recuperation is basically a recuperative or regenerative type depending upon the process requirements.

  • Industrial grade catalyst
  • Low NOx burner
  • Programmable logic control system and burner management systems
  • NFPA 86 compliant gas train systems

  • Gas trains to meet international certifications such as CSA, ATEX, KOSHA, etc.
  • Secondary heat recovery solutions - waste heat boilers, steam generators, hot oil heaters and other custom heat recovery modules
  • Continuous emissions monitoring systems
  • Particulate removal systems
  • Engineered turnkey solutions

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