- Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers



AEREON's regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) are designed to provide maximum thermal efficiency while maintaining effective VOC/HAP. AEREON's RTOs are equipped with engineered high efficiency heat recovery beds for high heat recovery thus operating on very low fuel consumption. These systems are used in low solvent loading with high exhaust flow rates.

  • Programmable logic control system for efficient operation and integrated burner management system
  • NFPA 86 compliant gas train systems
  • High cycle dampers
  • Modular bed design
  • Two canister or three canister design

  • Induced draft or forced draft fans
  • Hot side bypass for high solvent loading cases and exhaust stack designed to handle high temperature exhaust
  • Bag houses for particulates
  • Gas trains to meet international certifications such as CSA, ATEX, KOSHA, etc.
  • Continuous emissions monitoring systems
  • Engineered turnkey solutions

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