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The Aerosol Jet Print Engine is ideally suited for rapid integration into industrial automation platforms for high performance material deposition applications. Multi-nozzle head configurations can be designed to meet specific end user application and throughput requirements. The Aerosol Jet Print Engine includes deposition hardware, software interface, process control, and ink refill systems required to implement a complete production material deposition system. Optomec Aerosol Jet experts are available to assist in the integration and tuning of the system to meet end user requirements. Click here for more information on Aerosol Jet Applications or to access a data sheet on Aerosol Jet Print Engine.

  • Logic Control Unit
  • Process Control Module(s)
  • Multi-nozzle Material Deposition Head
  • Automation Interface Module
  • CE Compliant

  • Solar cell front side metallization
  • 3D Interconnects for Multi-chip Packages
  • Bridge/jumper circuits for touch screen displays
  • LCD Line open repair

  • Easy Integration into automation platforms
  • Industry Standard Communication Interface protocols
  • Easy to disassemble print components for periodic cleaning
  • High reliability and uptime
  • Low operating cost - no consumables
  • Process diagnostic capabilities
  • Process monitoring and data collection interface
  • High resolution printed electronics
  • Many materials
  • Conformal printing on rigid or flexible substrates

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