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- Model ATM 226 - Atomizer Aerosol Generator with Pump


The Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 226 is especially suited for clean room and filter testing applications and characterized by: - Compact stainless steel housing - easy-to-clean - Higher mass output up to 2.5 g/h - Built-in compressor - direct operation with mains supply 100..240VAC - With substances DOP or DEHS it produces spherical particles of liquid aerosol mainly in the size range 0,1...0,5µm Function test at laminar flow boxes (DIN EN 12469) and cytostatica safety workbenches (DIN 12980), the qualitative test of filters for suspended matter (HEPA and ULPA filters), and acceptance measurements in clean rooms (acc. to DIN ISO 14644 + VDI 2083) are an essential necessity for personal security and product safety. VDI-directive 3491 proposes an aerosol generator for producing a test aerosol with defined characteristics. By high generated particle numbers at a particle size distribution orientated at the Most Penetration Particle Size the locating of leaks in the system is possible.

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