Afton Pumps Inc.

Afton Pumps Inc.

- Model GSV - General Service Vertical Pumps


These versatile and flexible pumps are rugged, simple, and capable of moving a  wide variety of liquids from open pits or  closed sub-surface vessels. Applications to 50,000 GPM with heads to 2,000 feet can be handled. Afton has units to 1,250 horsepower in operation and parts are stocked for shipment of units up to 8,000 GPM.

Afton has divided the Model GSV into three service classifications - Utility, Hydrocarbon and Chemical. Each classification has its own application and Afton has developed the answers from its own experience.

Specific applications include:

  • Brine pit service
  • Condenser water make up
  • Cooling towers

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