Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS)

- Model ALCE-84A - Low Noise Non-Polarizing Porous Electrode



Large contact area. Active contact surface of the electrode is up to 84 cm2 due to use of special shape of the porous ceramic membrane: low noise, high stability, compact design. Simple and convenient to use and maintain: Compact design allows to transport enough electrodes and electrical lines for several acquisition units in one small plastic tool box. The electrode can be grounded in seconds. Connection to the electrical line is done quickly using our fully isolated connectors on the electrode wire and the electrical line end. The ceramic membrane is protected with the removable cap to protect the electrode from damage during transportation, drying out during storage and to keep it clean. The transparent body allows the user to constantly monitor level of the electrode solution inside and its conditions without disassembling. Easy replacement of the damaged parts. All season.

  • Dimensions, cm: 19 x 4.5(Ø)
  • Weight, kg: 0.4

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