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Ahlstrom has designed lightweight and highly breathable nonwovens for use as inner and outer facemask cover stock. Ahlstrom medical facemask coverstocks meet the highest performance requirements concerning comfort and protection for sensitive skin.

A surgical facemask has the primary objective of protecting the patient from the caregiver’s fluids and then, as masks can be worn for long period of time, the nonwoven fabrics need to be soft and gentle on the skin. In view of these properties and requirements, Ahlstrom has developed a complete range of technologies for inner and outer coverstocks to be converted into surgical facemasks:

  • Spunmelt /SMS/Spunbond based materials for a cost effective solution. Spunbond technology gives strength and breathability, for a cost effective solution that is in compliance with the standard requirements of the market and ease of converting. SMS fabrics offer the same convertibility, but with high barrier.
  • Bicomponent Spunbond fabrics for greater comfort.

Used as inner coverstock, this fabric has a smooth surface that is soft to the touch and ideal for skin contact. It is readily convertible.

Hypoallergenic* Wetlaid fabrics for sensitive skin

Lightweight and highly breathable, they are recognized in the market for highest available performance and quality, while thermoplastic fibers ensure easy converting. These fabrics are designed to be cooler, gentle and non-irritating to the skin, even when worn for long periods of time. *Repeated Insult Patch Test

Key benefits

  • Comfortable, non-irritant
  • Hypoallergenic, non-skin irritant
  • Comfort to the wearer provided by coolness to the skin
  • Compliance with global standards when analyzed as the final structure of the facemask

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