- Molecular Filtration



Trinitex Molecular media combines the benefits of our Trinitex technology with high odor and gas adsorption properties. Based on the advantageous uniformity properties of Ahlstrom’s proprietary platform, the effectiveness of the adsorbant is optimized to allow customized gas breakthrough and adsorption capacity performance, at low pressure drop.

Trintex Molecular Adsorption Media

  • Superior mechanical strength and excellent processing performance thanks to single integral structure
  • Highly flexible design options to customize gas breakthrough and capacity performance
  • Superior uniformity of integral structure and functional particle layer specifi cally allows superior performance at lower basis weights
  • Adhesive-free integral structure minimizes pressure drop for high filter life
  • Optional combination of base media with additional particulate fi ltration layer provides highest performance level
  • Flame retardant, antimicrobial and other functional properties available on request

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