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- Model MG - Air Filtration Media



LydAir® MG ASHRAE air filtration media provides superior strength and stiffness for improved pleating characteristics while also offering excellent filtration and dust holding performance. Providing 100% mechanical efficiency, LydAir MG ASHRAE media does not rely on an electrostatic charge and will not lose efficiency over time.  It is chosen for applications where guaranteed efficiency and consistency is a must and reduced energy costs can provide a distinguishable competitive advantage. LydAir MG media is a non-woven, wet laid media for both deep-pleat and mini-pleat air filters. It is comprised primarily of glass micro fibers and produced with a wet laid process similar to that used for the production of paper. LydAir MG media is specially engineered to provide the highest available efficiency at a minimal resistance to air flow.  

  • Engineered to meet or exceed HVAC and air intake performance requirements
  • Designed for use in all types of air filtration applications including those with harsh environments such as gas turbine intake air and nuclear exhaust applications
  • High dust-holding capacity
  • Special lower energy consumption designs
  • Designed for all types of pleating equipment
  • For use in deep-pleat and mini-pleat applications
  • Laminated, antimicrobial-treated and other combinations are available and can be designed to meet specific application requirements

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