Promeco SpA

- Model PAS 2000 - Air Separator



The air/ballistic separator PROMECO 'PAS' is renowned for its high efficiency in sorting light materials from the heavy ones.Specifically designed to address the issues related to the sorting of municipal and similar solid waste, commingled plastic waste, or waste from selective collection, the ballistic air separator  PROMECO 'PAS' is designed to handle the situations where a difference in specific weight of the materials to process can be exploited to sort 3 distinct fractions:

  • Heavy fraction (stones, glass, metal, wood, textile wet ...)
  • Light fraction (paper, film, various plastics ...)

PAS ballistic/air separator allows to get a clean fraction that can be reduced in size using  secondary shredders  such as PROMECO KR, in order to get a RDF fluff free from undesirable materials. The usage of ballistic/air separators PROMECO PAS is strongly suggested before shredders and secondary granulators.

High efficiency and ease of operation are accompanied by a remarkable versatility. These machines are provided with a precise and easy to operate setting  system, to meet different needs.

  • Separation of plastic film from plastic bottles and containers
  • To preserve the one-shaft shredder  in advance in RDF plant
  • Sorting of stones, metals, glass and the light inorganic fraction from the materials used to produce RDF
  • Removal of contamination / impurities (plastic, glass, metals) from compost
  • Processing of specific waste classes such as 'car fluff, paper mill pulper, plastic to recycle, sand from sweeping.

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