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Air stripping is an environmental engineering technology used for the purification of waters containing contaminants. Air is forced through the polluted water to remove harmful chemicals, causing the chemicals to evaporate, and the gas is then collected and cleaned while the cleaned water is pulled to the bottom by gravity.


HEE-Duall designs and manufactures cost-effective and innovative Air Stripper Tower systems, which consist of a cylindrical tower filled with a high efficiency packing material, mist eliminator, liquid distribution system and blower. We determine the stripability of the water contaminants and custom-design the air stripper tower for your specific application, to meet your contaminant removal requirements.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Removal of VOCs from water
  • Maximum performance and reliability with high quality corrosion resistant construction materials
  • High-efficiency removal of contaminants
  • High value with easy assembly and simplified maintenance due to tower fabrication in flanged section

  • Capacity up to 7,000 GPM
  • Premium corrosion resistant materials such as fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), polypropylene, and PVC
  • Professionally engineered stamped structural and chemical calcs

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