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- All-Temp Hydraulic Fluid


Lubritherm All-Temp Hydraulic Fluid is a unique propylene glycol and water based biodegradable hydraulic fluid that overcomes limitations of other hydraulic fluids or oils and is SAFE.


All types of pumps and hydraulic/hydrostatic motors


Compatible with all standard hydraulic equipment and seals


  • Exceptional anti-wear lubrication properties
  • Operates from 15 psi to 6,500 psi
  • Used in Extreme Temperatures:
    -60°C to +80°C (-75°F to +175°F)
  • Operates in severe environments
  • No change-out needed for at least five years
  • Switch-out to Lubritherm hydraulic fluid from oils, esters or ethylene hydraulics is fast and straightforward
  • Fireproof
  • Provides immediate system operation without system “warm up” ISO VG10
  • Lower operating temperature of Lubritherm will reduce system energy draw

Lubritherm® hydraulic fluid allows for easy leak detection due to its fluorescent properties—visible under UV light with an iridescent red colour

Technical Approvals

Parker Hannifin – Durability Testing (Specification FCD-0122) – Oildyne 108-32 series gear pump; 30,001 cycles with no problems, defects or wear.


  • Originally approved by Environment Canada under the Environmental Choice Program
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved for use in food processing facilities
  • Practically and absolutely non-toxic
  • HazMat clean-up not required
  • Biodegrades oils, all hydrocarbons and cellulose contaminants quickly

[WPCR_INSERT] LubeCorp’s exclusive All-SAFETM formulas are originally approved by Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program, which ensures stringent requirements for environmental leadership.

LMI is the purveyor of the All-SAFETM industrial fluid product line:

Outperforms while providing uncompromising safety

  1. Work-SAFE:
    Safe for lungs, hands and eyes. Fireproof and Smoke-proof. Non-toxic.
  2. Nature-SAFE:
    Safe for all ecosystems. Direct sewer disposal.
  3. Cost-SAFE:
    Superior performance. Greater productivity. Lowered overall costs.

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