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- Bellows Seal Globe Valves


A total containment solution is available with the installation of a bellow seal globe valve constructed to positively eliminate any leak paths at the bonnet joint and packing. The valve, with its bellows and seal welded construction, totally confines the flow media within the valve pressure boundary. The valve packing is totally isolated by the bellows from the flowing medium and serves in a ''back up'' role only.

Bellow seal globe valves seek to be zero emission and maintenance free. An uninterrupted metallic barrier is positioned between the piping and the environment. The components that during valve operation are subject to relative movements are welded onto the extremities of a metallic bellows that absorbs and compensates the shiftings. Hence these valves are suitable for any fluid and are recommended when zero emission characteristics are required to protect the environment and the health of the workers from pollutive leaks, to prevent expensive wastes due to loss of energy and fluid, and to eliminate the not negligible cost of replacement of the packing. In conclusion, the valves are particularly suitable for dangerous, inflammable, lethal and explosive media.

  • Materials: as a valve stockist, we keep duplex, super duplex, alloy 20, monel alloy 400, hastelloy, inconel alloy 600 and incoloy alloy 800 valves in stock, and can also offer them on manufactuing lead times.
  • Norms: ANSI and DIN
  • Sizes: 1/4' up to 48' and DN10 up to DN1200
  • Ratings: 150 up to 1500 and PN10 up to PN320
  • Body: cast and forged steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, as well as special and alloys such as inconel, hastelloy, monel, duplex, superduplex, titanium and uranium.

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