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- Double-Beveled Filter Discs


The disc filters made by ALPHAFLUID consist of several double-beveled filter discs with a close meshed wire gauze having a mesh size of 100 µm. They are particularly suitable for using them as an air strainer being the pump’s full flow protector against abrasive impurities inside the tank. One advantage of the disc filters is the fact that they can be cleaned and reused after dismantling.

Half the fitting space or longer maintenance rates
The Filter discs made by ALPHAFLUID need only about half the fitting space (or even less) compaired to common filter discs - based on the same filter surface. Thus, the the size of the hydraulic tank can be reduced as well as the oil filling capacity.Using the same fitting space as for the star-shaped screen filters, the doubled filter surface  leads to a bigger soil retainer capacity - the filter maintenance rates can be extended accordingly.

This filter design is very robust and insensitive. The pile construction allows a fine graduation of the filter sizes and thus an exact customization.

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