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AlpineFlocs are concentrated inverse-emulsions. The polymer solids levels for cationics is increased to 50% via a vacuum distillation of the water. For the anionics (W1) the concentration is 34-38%. Products are easily pumpable as they have a viscosity below 500 mPas. They are food grade and applied in a variety of solid-liquid separations and where water recycling requires optimization. AlpineFloc often outperforms powdered flocculants on certain types of equipment such as gravity belt presses, and when the solids levels are moderate. They are produced from either mineral or vegetable grade products without any animal-derived materials.

AlpineFloc is produced in Geneva, Switzerland, in a facility manufacturing food-grade emulsions as well as personal care intermediates. The AlpineFloc B-series is a Halal certified flocculant and can be used in food processing applications. aquaTECH offers emulsion polymers with very low residual monomer levels (< 300 ppm versus a legislated value of 1000 ppm).

Brookfield RV, 30 RPM 25 C

Shelf Life
AlpineFloc can be stored for over one year and used, as is, without mixing, for periods of up to six months.

Delivered in returnable IBCs with a net weight of either 1050 or 1100 kgs.

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