Advanced Logic Technology (ALT)

- Model ABI40-2G - Acoustic Televiewer



Acoustic Borehole scanner tools generates an image of the borehole wall by transmitting ultrasound pulses from a rotating sensor and recording the amplitude and travel time of the signals reflected at the interface between mud and formation (borehole wall).

Most common applications are

  • Most common applications are
  • Fracture detection and evaluation
  • Detection of thin beds
  • Determination of bedding dip
  • Lithological interpretation
  • Breakout analysis
  • Monitoring of earth stress field
  • Casing inspection
  • High resolution caliper

The latest generation of ALT acoustic televiewer is a multi-echo system. This is achieved by digital recording of the reflected wave train. On line analysis of the acoustic data is made by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Sophisticated algorithms allow the system to detect the reflection from the acoustic window and to separate/classify all subsequent echoes. Minimum input of the operator is needed to enable:

  • Automatic optimization of measurement window under all borehole conditions
  • Automatic adaptation to variable borehole conditions
  • Improvement of dynamic range of signal detection
  • Very high travel time resolution
  • Implementation of different operating mode

  • Direct linear 14bit, 10mhz A/D conversion (automatic gain settings)
  • Dynamic range of amplitude measurement is 84 db
  • Calliper resolution is better than 0,1mm
  • Orientation sensor which does not require field calibration
  • Increased telemetry bandwidth (data transmission rate up to 500kbits depending on wireline), 166kbps typical on 300m four-conductors.
  • Full wave form recording and real time display for quality control
  • Multiecho mode to realize acoustic measurements through plastic pipes (require the plastic pipe to be centralized inside the borehole)
  • Pipe-inspection mode to detect inner corrosion, outer corrosion, and wall thickness
  • Automatic measurement window definition to gain optimum performance and variable borehole conditions

  • diameter 40mm
  • length 1.61m
  • weight 6.7 kgs
  • Max temp 70°c
  • Max pressure 200 bar
  • Borehole diameter 2” to 21” depending on mud conditions

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