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- Model MSMR-16 - Gas Monitoring System



The MSMR-16 Gas Monitoring System is used for independent measurement of gases with up to 16 detection heads. An LCD display shows read-outs of all measured parameters (name of the measured medium, current concentration, measurement unit, alarm and emergency conditions, etc.). Additionally, average, maximum and minimum values for the last 15 minutes or 8 hours of operation can be displayed.

Apart from measuring gas concentrations, the system also detects when configured thresholds for particular media are exceeded. Sound and visual alarms are activated in such cases. The control box allows configuration of two independent alarm thresholds for each measurement channel. The control box also features two independent memories. Whereas the first memory records measurements' partial values (configurable recording interval), the second memory records alarm events (exceeded thresholds, head defects, etc.). Both memories record event data along with times and dates. Data can be extracted by a PC connected with an RS-485 cable. The control box is equipped with a system of four configurable OC outputs for controlling associated operating devices on the basis of alarm and emergency conditions.
The system consists of the following basic elements:
  • MSMR-16 control and measurement box,
  • MGX-70 or GDC-70 measurement heads.
  • Ability to connect 16 heads (MGX-70 / GDX-70 )
  • Interface RS-485 ( Modbus RTU )
  • Heads can be connected to the control unit using only one main line (single, two conductor cable )
  • Extra indicators on detection heads ( 3 x LEDs )
  • removable sensor module
One of the system's advantages is serial connection of heads and the control box, by means of a single, two-conductor cable that provides power to and data from all connected heads

Customer reviews

  1. By Johanes Klaus on

    EMI / RFI susceptible.. big zero drift in combustion gas heads.. 16 heads is a teoratical value. in maximum occupancy is a problem with communication to heads