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- Model No. 2 and No. 2 Powder & Liquid - Aluseal Adhesive Cement



Sauereisen Aluseal Adhesive Cement No. 2 is a ceramic cement paste offering good bond strength and thermal shock resistant properties for assembling, sealing and cementing porcelain, glass, metal and other materials. Its fine particle size and excellent flow characteristics make No. 2 a good candidate for those applications where an inorganic bond is required between component parts and only small clearances are available.

No. 2 exhibits good coating properties. Thin film sections have shown exceptional flexural and tensile strength for a ceramic adhesive. Sauereisen No. 2 is supplied as a ready-mixed paste and may be applied by brushing, dipping or spraying. No. 2 is suitable for use on production lines with mechanical dispensers or applicators because it will not harden in the equipment during normal operation.

Aluseal Adhesive No. 2 is also available in a seperate powder and liquid and known as Sauereisen Aluseal Adhesive Cement No. 2 Powder & No. 2 Liquid. When mixed together at the proper ratio, No. 2 Powder & Liquid has the same characteristics as the No. 2 Paste.

  • Heat conductive
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Insulates electricity
  • Good mechanical bond

  • Coefficient of thermal expansion
    • 200-1000oF : 7.6 x 10-6/Fo
    • (93-538oC) : 14.87 x 10-6/Co
  • Color : White
  • Compressive strength @ 7 days : 3,600 psi (253 kg/cm2)
  • Density : 153 pcf (2.45 gm/cm3)
  • Dielectric constant @ 70oF (21oC) : 107.2
  • Dielectric strength @ 70oF (21oC) : 48-55 volts/mil. (2000 volts/mm)
  • Dissipation factor @ 70oF (21oC) ; 0.55
  • Maximum service temperature : Pyrometric cone equivalent (ASTM C-24) : 3,000oF (1649oC)
  • Modulus of rupture : 3400 psi (239 kg/cm2)
  • Shrinkage : 0.5-2.5%
  • Volume resistivity @ 70oF (21oC) : 108 x 1010 ohm-cm


No. 2 should be thoroughly remixed to a smooth, uniform consistency prior to use. In some cases, setting may occur during transport and storage.

Aluseal Adhesive Cemnt No. 2 Power & liquid should be mixed at a ratio of 70% powder to 30% liquid by weight. or (2.5 :1)


Surfaces to receive No. 2 should be clean and free of grease and dirt. Porous substrates should be dampened slightly with Sauereisen Thinning Liquid No. 14 prior to application.

No. 2 should be used in thin applications; apply several coats where a heavy layer is desired. In multiple coat applications, each coat must be thoroughly dry prior to applying additional coats.If necessary, Thinning Liquid No. 14 should be used where the No. 2 cement is required in a thinner consistency.

Minimum amountsof liquid should be used as excess liquid reduces mechanical strength, increases shrinkage and delays set time. No. 2 should not be applied at a thickness greater than 1/4 inch.

No. 2 cures by air drying at room temperature. Drying time depends on the consistency and thickness of the application. Normally 18-24 hours drying at ambient temperature is sufficient. When the cement has minimal exposure to air, or if it is desired to accelerate the cure, low temperature oven drying at 180oF may be used. Avoid steaming while drying. If the cement will be exposed to elevated temperatures, contact Sauereisen for appropriate drying schedule recommendations.

If high humidity resistance is required and it is impractical to fire No. 2, a moisture-resistant lacquer, silicone coating, or Sauereisen Hi-Temp Primer No. 560 should be applied to the exposed surfaces.

  • No. 2: Paste
    • 1-quart cans, 1-gallon cans; and 5-gallon pails.
  • No. 2 Powder & Liquid
    • Powder: 1-quart cans, & 1-gallon cans
    • Liquid: 1-quart cans & 1 gallon cans

All equipment should be cleaned with soap and water before No. 2 cures. If removal is required after cure, a low concentration of sodium hydroxide may dissolve the cement. Consult Sauereisen for other recommendations.

Sauereisen Aluseal Adhesive Cement No. 2 has a shelf life of six months when stored in unopened, tightly sealed containers in a dry location at 70oF. If there is doubt as to the quality of the material, consult Sauereisen.

Sauereisen Aluseal Cement No. 2 Powder & Liquid has a shelf life of 1 year when not mixed together and stored in unopened, tightly sealed containers in a dry location at 70oF. If there is doubt as to the quality of the material, consult Sauereisen.

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