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- Model PC100 - Chlorinated Organics Degrading Product



The product contains: Selected, naturally occurring Hazard Group 1 micro-organisms to degrade substituted aromatic chemicals, surfactants to aid the degradation process, free enzymes and nutrients, cereal based carrier.

The product contains 12 strains belonging predominantly to the Pseudomonas genera. The component strains include both aerobic and facultative organisms. The total viable count in the ready to use product is not less than 5.0 x 108 cfu/g.

The bacteria in the product need to be reactivated in warm water (temperature range 25 - 30°C) for about 30 to 60 minutes before application. The product is most effective when the operating conditions during treatment are close to the optimum listed below:

Amnite PC100 is suitable for treating substituted organic wastes from the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries. The product can degrade halogenated and methylated compounds such as those generally associated with disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides and pulp and paper manufacturing. The product is also suitable for sludge farming and land remediation.

Amnite PC100 is a granular powder which rapidly degrades a wide variety of complex, substituted organic compounds. A key feature of the product is its broad metabolic capability. Addition of the product to a treatment plant increases the resistance of the biomass to toxic and shock loading. The product is homogeneous and safe to use. It does not contain any pathogens.


  • Granular powder which rapidly degrades a wide variety of complex, substituted organic compounds
  • Broad metabolic capability
  • Addition of product to a treatment plant increases resistance of the biomass to toxic and shock loading
  • Homogeneous and safe to use
  • Does not contain any pathogens

Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Degradation of phenolic and other hydrocarbon compounds.
  • Rapid commissioning of plants at start up or after a chemical shock.
  • Rapid reduction of COD, BOD and SS in plants with difficult wastes such as palm oil, solvents, surfactants and alcohols.

Landfill Leachates

  • Biodegradation of herbicides and pesticides
  • Improvement in nitrification

Refinery Lagoons

  • Degradation of hydrocarbon oils


  • Biological degreasing of metal sheets and fabricated components

Land remediation

Bio-remediation of fuel oils, aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g.benzene, toluene, xylene), phenols, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), chlorinated solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, acids, oxygenated hydrocarbons (glycols, surfactants and detergents) and some complex organic compounds.

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