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The Deluxe AMS Fiberglass Auger Kit provides some protection against possible electric shock when working in areas where buried electric cables may be present. This kit features the trusted AMS Signature Series thread pattern, which takes 2-1/2 revolutions to connect & disconnect. The two-piece 36-inch Tile Probe (with rounded safety tip) has a detachable plastic handle & zinc plated extension rod. It is ideal for locating irrigation, power and water lines, and it should be used as a primary device to determine whether or not it is safe to use a hand auger at the sampling location. The (two) 4ft. fiberglass extensions in this kit have been sealed with a protective, non-conductive coating, that is moisture resistant and prevents fiberglass bloom & splintering. 

The threaded fittings on each extension have been wrench flatted and zinc plated. As an added precaution, insulated gloves are included to eliminate the risk of fiberglass slivers. The Signature Series regular auger & Signature Series mud auger provide versatility in different soil conditions. The 18” rubber coated Signature Series cross handle detaches for convenience while providing comfort during augering. The 4ft. poly canvas carrying case allows for easy transportation and protects the fiberglass extensions from the elements & damaging UV rays!

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