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The penetrologger has been especially developed to measure the resistance to penetration of the soil and to save the measuring results to digitally process them on a computer. The penetrologger is ergonomically designed, and lightweight. It can be used to measure to a depth of 80 cm. The penetrologger can provide the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS), the Vehicle Cone Index (VCI), and Cone Index (CI) per measurement.

GPS– The penetrologger comprises an accurate internal GPS system to determine the exact measuring point. The coordinates saved in the penetrologger can be linked to a place or map using software (or less accurately via Internet).

Carrying Capacity– The penetrologger measures the resistance of the soil or the shallow subsurface and is a suitable instrument for use in civil engineering, soil science, agriculture, sports field maintenance and park and public garden management.

The kit includes the Eikelkamp penetrologger, cones, sounding rods, depth reference plate, battery charger, penetrologger cable, software Penetroviewer, tools and aluminum carrying case.

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