- Model 2201 - Scale Inhibitor & Dispersant



AmTreat 2201 is a highly concentrated liquid scale inhibitor and dispersant. It is designed for use in larger industrial recirculating cooling and boiler water systems, reverse osmosis, or other applications where a highly concentrated scale inhibitor and dispersant is needed. Properly used it will minimize system scale and fouling for increased system life and efficiency. AmTreat 2201 accomplishes this with one easy to use chemical product. AmTreat 2201 is designed for use in systems with a wide range of makeup water hardness and alkalinity levels.

AmTreat 2201 is very effective in high hardness, highly alkaline scaling waters. It contains a proprietary blend of organic and polymeric compounds to minimize system fouling from contaminants such as calcium, silica, iron, sludge and organics. AmTreat 2201 is an all organic formula that contains no chromate, zinc or other heavy metals.

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