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- Model FRC-10 & FRC-20 - Dissolved Air Flotator



The dissolved air flotation system offers several possibilities in the recirculation circuit for adapting to the client’s requirements, including ball, SCP pump or BPS (Batch Pressurization System).

Dissolved Air Flotation DAF units manufactures by Toro Equipment include:

  • Lamellar system.
  • Recirculation system in PP and stainless air-saturation container.
  • Scraping system.
  • Emergency shutdown and security systems.
  • Control and air-injection pneumatic circuit.
  • Clamps in compliance with the standards.
  • Height regulating and leveling system (-100 mm).


Anaconda compact wastewater treatment plant

Flotators implantation

WWTP with W-Tank

Flotators implantation

  • The air pressure will be between 6-8 bar on all models.
  • The dimensions and product specifications might vary slightly, due to the normal development of products by the engineering department of Toro Equipment S.L.

  • FRC-2 & FRC-5 fully enclosed protective wooden crate.
  • FRC 2/5/10/20 transportable in 20ft container.
  • Protective plastic wrapping of equipment for shipping.

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