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Safeguard your surfaces and build your position as a clean, concerned, responsible manufacturer using films from DUNMORE featuring DUN-SHIELD antimicrobial coating solutions. DUNMORE DUN-SHIELD coating is a long-lasting antimicrobial solution that can be added to any DUNMORE film. DUN-SHIELD coating is powered by the Agion antimicrobial technology which continuously inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew and fungi Agion provides naturally safe and effective antimicrobial solutions to combat microbial growth in our daily lives.

  • EPA Registered
  • FDA Listed
  • USDA Listed

DUNMORE DUN-SHIELD coated films protect surfaces your customers come in contact with:

DUN-SHIELD coating can be incorporated into current DUNMORE products to optimize a variety of DUNMORE films with enhanced performance properties.

  • Abrasion & Scratch Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Custom Printability for Graphic Arts & Imaging
  • Adhesion Promoting Surfaces
  • Custom Colors & Textured Surfaces
  • Tamper Evidence & Security Features
  • Custom Design & Development of Products Available
  • Less toxic than table salt, less irritating than talcum powder
  • Comprised of naturally occurring silver ions and ceramic compound (zeolite)
  • No instances of resistant bacteria
  • Interrupts cell metabolism, prevents cell multiplication and inhibits membrane transport processes
  • Non volatile, controlled release mechanism utilizing an active silver zeolite carrier

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