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Aptora’s Call Manager Software integrates Total Office Manager and Callcap data in order to effectively track marketing campaigns. It is the only call manager software program of it’s kind because it connects your phone call information to your accounting information. Along with normal caller information, you can also see the Callcap number that the user dialed to reach you. This is extremely valuable when tracking marketing types and campaigns because you can assign specific phone numbers and have measurable data for when those numbers are called. All of the call information is stored and can be recalled and searched using the new Phone Log feature in Total Office Manager.

A utility has also been developed to easily import all of your existing Callcap campaigns as marketing types in Total Office Manager. Importing these number campaigns into Total Office Manager gives you the ability to track the financial side of the marketing campaign, including costs vs income analysis, to see which campaigns are the most successful.

Taking advantage of Total Office Manager’s call manager software integration gives you the opportunity to better track marketing efforts and get the most out of your budget. New features are continually being added to Aptora’s call manager software to make your contracting business more successful.


You place an advertisement in the Yellow Pages in the air conditioning section and have a specific phone number attached to it. A phone number that is used nowhere else. Every time someone dials that phone number, the call manager software knows the phone number they dialed and records that information in Total Office Manager. That call then gets converted to a work order, and later, an invoice. Because Total Office Manager is aware of the sale, you now know how much you spent to place the yellow pages ad, and how much income related to that advertisement.

No other software program is going to know what phone number you dialed in order to attach your marketing information to your accounting information. Caller ID tells you who is calling but it doesn’t tell you the number that was called to reach you.

This is the most accurate way possible to get an answer to the question ‘How did you hear about us?’

Imagine being able to have a different phone number on each marketing piece and easily obtain a report for how much money the campaign cost and how much revenue it produced.

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