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  • Total Office - Service Management Software

    Total Office - Service Management Software

    Total Office Manager® is an award-winning complete service management software program that does it all. Built by contractors for contractors. With accounting, Certified Payroll for Contractors and HVAC Companies, job costing, CRM, scheduling, GPS tracking, integrated caller id, marketing, sales lead management, powerful Field Service Management App, dashboards, mapping, document management, and customized electronic forms, this is the COMPLETE...

  • Aptora - Flat Rate Pricing Software

    Aptora - Flat Rate Pricing Software

    Improve client and employee satisfaction with an honest upfront guaranteed price. Flat Rate Plus is the best selling flat rate pricing software on the market. Since 1996, FRP has helped over ten thousand customers. Fully updated for 2018.

  • Aptora - GPS Software

    Aptora - GPS Software

    Aptora offers two different GPS software solutions to fit your contracting business needs. Tracking assets and technicians in the field is important for scheduling and dispatching employees efficiently.

  • Aptora - GPS Employee Tracking Software

    Aptora - GPS Employee Tracking Software

    Total Office Manager integrates with our NEW Schedule Board Mapping system. This system contains two sections; a graphical schedule board and a GPS employee tracking map. These two sections work together for efficient scheduling and dispatching.

  • Aptora - GPS Asset Tracking Software

    Aptora - GPS Asset Tracking Software

    The Aptora Smart GPS asset tracking software makes tracking your company’s vehicles simple and affordable. Our GPS asset tracking software includes variable time automatic positioning updates, on demand updates, ignition on/off, over speed limit warning, idling, geozones, geofences, landmarks, virtual odometer, email notifications, user defined icons and vehicle images. There is a maintenance module that notifies the user of when to perform...

  • Aptora - Call Manager Software

    Aptora - Call Manager Software

    Aptora’s Call Manager Software integrates Total Office Manager and Callcap data in order to effectively track marketing campaigns. It is the only call manager software program of it’s kind because it connects your phone call information to your accounting information. Along with normal caller information, you can also see the Callcap number that the user dialed to...

  • Aptora - Performance Dashboards Software

    Aptora - Performance Dashboards Software

    Aptora’s NEW Performance Dashboards provide snapshots of company and employee performance. The Performance Dashboards include Sales Dashboard, Service Agreement Dashboard, Invoice Dashboard, Phone Activity Dashboard, Employee Dashboard, & My Dashboard. Each one provides valuable information that can be seen at a glance from any device with an internet browser.