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Total Office Manager integrates with our NEW Schedule Board Mapping system. This system contains two sections; a graphical schedule board and a GPS employee tracking map. These two sections work together for efficient scheduling and dispatching.

Schedule Board
This system makes it easy to assign work orders to technicians, add inventory items to jobs, schedule appointments, and more. Simply drag and drop these items from the sidebar onto the schedule board. Additionally, images can be added to inventory items and employees. The image will be displayed when hovering over a work order, appointment, or inventory item on the schedule board.

GPS Tracking Software
Use the ‘Map’ tab to view and track employees and work orders on the interactive map. This information is pulled from the schedule board and displayed on the map using the location of your technicians’ mobile device. View details on the map by hovering over work order and service vehicle icons.

Locate & Track Technicians– Aptora’s NEW schedule board mapping system makes operating your contracting business more efficient. It allows you to always know exactly where your service technicians are in the field.

Schedule & Dispatch– Easily view the map, see which technician is closest to your customer, and assign them accordingly – without ever having to make a phone call.

Manage Tools & Equipment Efficiently– The interactive map also allows you to view which service trucks have what tools and equipment with them on different jobs. This makes it easier to assign the correct technician and truck to jobs that require specific equipment. This is essential for running an efficient contracting business.

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