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- Model ADS - Polymer Mixing and Dosing Unit


All components shall be mounted on a single skid constructed of 3″ channel iron and 3/16″ carbon steel plate. Dimensions of the complete unit shall be 78″ L x 78″ W x 69″ H. Unit shall be constructed such that the forks of a fork lift can be inserted into the base of the skid to allow the entire unit to be moved. Skid shall be primed with industrial grade red oxide primer; finish coated with industrial grade high gloss epoxy. All equipment mounted onto the Polymer Mixing and Dosing Unit shall be suitable for expected operating conditions. Polymer Mixing and Dosing Unit shall be capable of accepting liquid polymer.

Polymer Mixing and Dosing Unit shall include the following features:

  • One (1) 550 gallon polyethylene mixing tank
  • One (1) solid Stainless Steel 5/8″ mixing shaft equipped with two (2) 4″ Stainless Steel mixing propellers
  • One (1) TEFC 1.5 HP AC electric stirring motor (110v)
  • One (1) TEFC 1 HP DC electric pump motor (110v)
  • One (1) positive displacement polymer injection pump having an adjustable capacity of 3-27 gpm
  • One (1) 3″ x 10″ polymer mixing manifold with a five-ply neoprene shear plate
  • One (1) 110v (20 amp), single phase electrical supply junction box
  • One (1) Baldor DC controller
  • One (1) flow meter graduated with a flow range of 3-27 gpm
  • One (1) 110v variable rheostat switch and a mixing “on/off” power switch
  • One (1) 25′ electrical power cord with 3-way grounded plug

Added Value –
ADS Polymer Mixing and Dosing Unit also includes:

  • One (1) 3″ wye fitting with NPT male threaded ends
  • Two (2) 10′ lengths of 3″ hose with camlock fittings for connection to the dewatering unit, suitable for purpose intended
  • One (1) bucket with a minimum 3 gallon capacity

Operating Requirements —

  • 110 Electrical Service Connection
  • Water Connection with Garden Hose

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