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Aquaray 40 HO and Aquaray 3X UV Systems


The ONLY fully BIOASSAY validated vertical lamp UV system on the market. The Aquaray® 40 HO is the premier solution for the disinfection of waterborne pathogens in municipal wastewater. The system utilizes low pressure, high output UV lamps for reduced footprint and energy efficiency. The Aquaray® vertical lamp technology has been used by municipalities for over a decade with over 250 installations worldwide. The Aquaray® 3X System is ideally suited for large plants or plants with CSO situations. 36 low-pressure, super-high output, amalgam ultraviolet lamps reduce footprint and increase energy efficiency. Each high output lamp yields almost three times the germicidal output of a 40 HO lamp, reducing the number of lamps required to treat the same capacity.

  • Small Footprint
  • Long Lamp Life
  • Bioassay Based Design
  • Low Maintenance/Operator Friendly
  • Flow Pacing
  • Automated Mechanical Cleaning System
  • Internal Air Scrub
  • Both hydraulics and disinfection performance are optimized by advanced CFD modeling
  • Automatic flow pacing reduces energy consumption and extends lamp life
  • Side flow deflectors enhance disinfection efficiency while keeping a low hydraulic profile
  • Advanced power control system is remotely located away from the disinfection channel.
  • Wiping mechanism offers easy maintenance and replacement of seals

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