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- Model RQE Series - Temperature Controllers



Accurate, dependable and easy-to-use. When you need a compact water temperature control unit for your application, you can count on Thermal Care. We understand how to meet your temperature control equipment needs. The Aquatherm RQE Series Temperature Controllers provide the best available components such as cast pump volute/heater tube/mixing assemblies, high flow pumps with leak-resistant silicon carbide seals and rugged Incoloy sheathed heaters for years of maintenance free operation. Each control system comes with a large, use-friendly operator interface that provides a wide array of operational and diagnostic information.

  • From 3/4 HP to 10 HP, 0 kW to 48 kW (standard and premium controller units)
  • 12 kW, 3/4 HP and 2 HP (basic controller units)
  • Microprocessor Controller
  • Low voltage 24 VDC control keeps the control circuit signals free from AC interference (standard and premium controller units only)
  • Fan cooled electrical enlosure extends component life (standard and premium controller units only)
  • Complete tools-free accessibility
  • Solid top protects motor from dirt or fluid contamination
  • Four swivel casters for easy movement
  • Pressure gauges located on the front panel
  • High capacity pumps
  • Long-life, low-watt density Incoloy heaters resist corrosion better than copper or stainless steel
  • Leak-proof, cast twin tank/pump assembly eliminates pipe fittings
  • Leak-resistant, silicon carbide severe-duty pump seal
  • Built-in sediment trap and pump seal flush line extends life of pump seal
  • Seal saver automatically cools process water down to 90°F when unit shuts off to extend life of seal and for operator safety
  • Compact design approximately 26”l x 14”w x 25”h only 14” wide x 26” long x 28” high
  • Extended motor power cord allows motor to be easily removed for pump seal replacement without electrical wiring disconnect

  • Modulating cooling valves
  • Lockable rotary disconnect switch
  • Mold water purge *
  • Crash cool *
  • Alarm strobe light
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger
  • SSR heater contactor
  • 300F maximum operating range
  • Nonferrous water circuit
  • Stacking rack

  • Stacking rack
  • Mold water purge

  • Lifetime pump/heater casting warranty
  • Lifetime pump seal warranty (standard units)
  • 5 year microprocessor parts warranty with $175 lifetime exchange policy (standard and premium units)
  • 1 year microprocessor warranty (basic unit)
  • 3 year parts, 3 year labor warranty

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