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- Moving Bed Bioreactor MBBR


Aerobic treatment for water and wastewater is highly effective and widely in use worldwide. Aqwise AGAR® (Attached Growth Airlift Reactor) technology is a proprieatry process that utilizes biofilm grown on carrier media which aerobically degrade soluble organic pollutants in wastewater. 

The AGAR MBBR (Moving Bed Biological Reactor) technology is a simple, single-through process, where all biological activity takes place on the biomass carriers. This process prevents sludge recycle from a secondary clarifier. MBBR technology is robust and reduces soluble pollutants with minimal process complexity. MBBR solutions also utilize a significantly smaller physical footprint compared to conventional aerobic treatment methods. MBBR is typically used for either high load industrial applications, as stand-alone or as a buffer stage, as well as for robust simple-to-operate municipal facilities.

The process configuration designed for BOD removal only is a once-through design, with 1 to 2 process stages in series. The number of stages is determined according to the required effluent quality. Wastewater enters the reactor, and effluent exits the reactor to a solids separation unit such as a clarifier, a DAF unit, media filtration, etc. In this configuration, there is no sludge recycle to the aeration tank, and all of the biological activity takes place in the bio-film on the carriers.

When Nitrogen removal is also required, the process will include a larger number of process stages, and an internal circulation of nitrified effluent to a pre-denitrification basin, but other than this, there is no sludge recycle from the solids separation unit.

The MBBR configuration is extremely well suited for a wide range of applications: from pre-treatment of RBC of industrial wastewater in order to cut down the organic load, to full treatment of municipal wastewater to the most stringent effluent requirements, as a stand alone solution or as a polishing of existing solutions such as lagoons.

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