- Model HDPE - Precast Concrete Septic Tanks



Armtec’s precast concrete septic tanks are a key part of household and commercial septic systems. Septic systems treat sewage waste in an environmentally responsible way. Naturally occurring bacteria completely treats the waste and the water is returned to the ground via a weeping tile or chamber-based leaching bed.

Our tanks are available in a range of sizes to match the sewage load of the household, from 600 to 19,000 gallons. Accessories include lockable risers and covers, plastic inlet and outlet baffles, inlet and outlet polyseals, and lifting anchors.

Armtec is also a distributor of the FAST (fixed activated sewage treatment) System – a low-profile septic system that requires 1/3 less tile field than traditional septic systems. On a per litre basis, FAST offers one of the most cost-effective and reliable treatment processes available.

  • Quality materials
    Made of strong, durable high-density polyethylene or precast concrete
  • Wide range of sizes
    Able to match household needs, from 600 to 19,000 gallons
  • Cost-effective
    FAST system requires 1/3 less tile fi eld than traditional tank systems
    HDPE septic tanks are lightweight and easy to install

  • Cost-effective and reliable
  • Environmentally responsible way to treat sewage
  • Wide range of sizes to match household needs

  • Household sewage waste treatment
  • Commercial buildings

The FAST system can be installed in a day with minimal disruption to existing landscaped lots.

FAST (fixed activated sewage treatment) is one of the most costeffective and reliable treatment processes available

Small footprint
Requires 1/3 less tile fi eld than traditional septic systems

Environmental certifi cation
Tested, approved and certifi ed by environmental authorities around the world

Low maintenance
Only mechanical device is a highquality air lift pump

HDPE septic tanks are high-performance tanks that respond to the needs of the decentralized wastewater industry. Polyethylene marries lightness and easy shipping/handling to enable installation on hard-to-access sites.

Airtight and watertight
Single-piece design makes the tanks water-tight, minimizing infi ltration and exfi ltration risks

Lightweight, robust construction
Easy to transport, handle and install, ideal for small sites or diffi cult access

Resistant against chemical products
Manufactured from polyethylene makes tanks corrosion resistant

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