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The versatility of side channel blowers ensures that they are often used as ATEX blowers in applications with a certain degree of explosion risk. Installations with ATEX blowers are specifically designed to prevent any source of ignition. Through risk assessment according to ATEX 153, the user determines the ATEX zones for the environment and the installation. In each ATEX zone, the minimum product requirements are also established, which are classified in accordance with the ATEX 114 directive. Dutair ATEX blowers are available in a non-sparking version for areas with increased dust or gas explosion risk, ATEX Categories 3D or 3G. In addition, the single-stage Dutair blowers are available in a gas-tight version that includes impregnated aluminium components and special shaft seal. With your knowledge of the relevant application and the many Dutair ATEX blower options available, we can offer you a highly suitable solution.

The many advantages include:

  • spark-free operation by suitable material choices
  • limited temperature rise due to robust motors
  • IE2 and IE3 motors with high power factors
  • Standard IP55 with PTC ‘s on each motor phase
  • compact design for easy installation in machines and installations
  • universal BSP threaded connections for inlets and outlets
  • pulsation- and vibration-free operation
  • wide choice of types and capacities
  • reliable information based on verified measurement equipment
  • detailed technical specifications on the basis of temperature-stabilised measuring points
  • less unnecessary spare capacity by pre-determined work area
  • contact-free drive and hence very low maintenance
  • long service life through the use of high quality components
  • noise level display including octave bands for the whole rpm range
  • Dutair quality control guarantees smooth operation at commissioning
  • many optional versions with short delivery times

ATEX blowers excel in the operating principle of the side channel blower, by combining both high flow and high pressure increase. The associated high speed of the medium in the piping demands special attention to static electricity in ATEX environments. The high flow rate is necessary in many manufacturing processes to allow functions such as drying, blowing, dust collection, cooling and vacuum lifting to proceed at high speed. Gas-tight ATEX blowers are often used as gas boosters in closed systems. The table below shows the data sheets with specifications for air. Depending on the type of gas, these values will vary. We will gladly advise you what type is the most suitable for your application.

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