ATI Airtest Technologies, Inc.

- Model EE80 Series - Wall Mount, Dual Beam CO2 Transmitter



Applications; Commercial buildings, Schools & universities, Retail, Theaters, auditoriums, gyms, churches, Hospitality venues, All buildings operated 24/.

  • Attractive Euro-design enclosure has been selected for use in the Metropolitan Museam of Art in New York.
  • Dual beam design, provides an internal means of self calibration that is not dependant on ambient CO2 levels reaching a low baseline for self calibration.
  • Infrared sensor operates on 30 second flash rate which significantly reduces heat output of the sensor (typical for other sensors is 3-5 second flash rate). The lower heat output means that this is the only CO2 sensor available that can accurately measure temperature and humidity in the same device.
  • No calibration or maintenance needed for this transmitter over its 15 year rated life.
  • Now also available with LonWorks® communication capability as a LonMark® Certified product.

  • Measures: 0-2,000 ppm CO2 (0-5000 ppm range also available)
  • CO2 Accuracy: ± 50 ppm + 2% of reading
  • Temp Accuracy: ± 0.54ºF (± 0.3ºC)
  • RH Accuracy@ 68ºF (20ºC): ±3% (30-70%RH), ±5% (10...90%RH) (Only avalible in V output version)
  • RH Accuracy:
  • Power: 24 VAC
  • CO2, T Output: 0-10 V, 0-5 V, 4-20mA (Specify when ordering)
  • CO2, T & RH: 0-10 V, 0-5 V (Specify when ordering)

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