ATI Airtest Technologies, Inc.

- Model K30 - CO2 Engine Module



The CO2 engine is a pre-calibrated infrared sensor, and associated signal processing microprocessor designed for easy integration into other microprocessor based controls and equipment. The device can provide a voltage or digital output and is configurable by the user via software and a serial interface.


This module uses the same optical sensor used in many AirTest products that features a self-calibration algorithm, and an unique extended optical path length to ensure enhanced stability and long term performance. The patented folded path length design of the oval optical bench allows for sampling path lengths of 3' to 14' in a 2' X 2' footprint.

Optical path lengths can be optimized to the desired measurement range and accuracy required. ISO-9001 manufactured. Platforms available to measure in ppm or % CO2 ranges.

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