Atlas Incinerators ApS

Atlas Incinerators ApS


- Model 500 ltr. - 4000 ltr. - Sludge Oil Mixing Tank


Atlas Incinerators recommend a 1-tank system since it is much simpler to operate one tank automatically than two tanks manually. By not using a settling tank the crew will save time, not needing to settle water out. Sludge oil mixing tanks are delivered with a circulation pump and a mill pump for agitation and comminution of the tank contents. This makes it possible to burn oil sludge with up to 50% water content, without adding additional diesel oil to the burners or having to drain the tanks.

The sludge oil mixing tanks are available with heating by steam, electricity or thermal oil and in the following sizes:

  • 500 ltr.
  • 1200 ltr.
  • 2600 ltr.
  • 4000 ltr.

  • Induced draught air ejector for evacuation of flue gasses; hence Flue Gas Fan is not required
  • Settling tank not necessary
  • Burning oil sludge with up to 50% water without pilot fuel
  • Three chambered design - clean burn
  • Atlas designed sludge burner with no rotating parts
  • Simultaneous burning of sludge oil and solid waste

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