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Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring Vehicle



Atmospheric environment monitoring vehicle is of reasonable design, integrated modification, good mobility and off-road performance, to meet the requirements in different regions and different road conditions. Integrated with a variety of portable gas detectors required by customers, the vehicle could continuously monitor the main pollutants in the atmosphere such as SO2, NOX, CO, O3, HC, VOCs(56types), malodorous gases, PM2.5/PM10 and weather parameters (air pressure, temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind velocity). The vehicle works as a mobile monitoring station of air quality.

The modified atmospheric monitoring vehicle is equipped with an independent power supply system, various laboratory equipment, and a comprehensive laboratory platform for on-site instrument operation. All data signals are collected, stored and transmitted to the authorities through the wireless data transmission system. With functions of equipment monitoring, information processing, decision support and communication command, the atmospheric monitoring vehicle allows a quick monitoring and provides technical support, when environmental emergencies happen.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 524
  2. Nanjing Iveco

  1. SO2 Analyzer
  2. PM10/PM2.5/PM1.0 Analyzer
  3. MTHC/nMTHC Analyzer
  4. NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer
  5. VOCs C2-C12 Analyzer
  6. Sulfide Analyzer
  7. CO Analyzer
  8. BTEX Analyzer
  9. CL2 Analyzer
  10. O3 Analyzer
  11. TVOC Analyzer
  12. HCL Analyzer

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