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Shredder Enhancements and process controls include a variety of hardware and software systems designed to control equipment. The benefits of an advanced process control system include: increased material throughput, improved energy management and conservation, safer plant operation, remote diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities as well as advanced data collection and reporting.

AutoDriver™ controls fully automate the shredding process. It incorporates automatic DFR lift and float to improve feeding, as well as independent variable speed control of the IFC and DFR to maximize main motor HP and maintain full box shredding. The AutoDriver™ Recipe Screen allows the end user to alter key operating parameters to customize performance and maximize throughput.

True View™ Advanced Data Collection and Management Reporting
True View™ report generation can customize and generate reports in graphical or text formats to show system delays, equipment availability, and productivity for current operation or from historical data.

Intelligent Water Injection
Intelligent water injection is critical to the safe performance and environmental compliance of shredder operation. Through the production of steam within the shredder, emissions of dust and smoke are reduced as the airborne particles are entrapped and precipitated back to the scrap to be cleaned in the separation system. Steam also displaces air within the shredder reducing the intensity of explosions and the possibility of sustained burning.

High Resolution Thermal Camera
Our Infrared Thermal Imaging System allows the operator to clearly see material as it enters the feed roll area regardless of excessive steam, shadows, or darkness.

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