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- Model BRICKMAN 1200K - Automatic Briquetting Machine



Brickman 1200k is developed to make the task of Compacting extra large quantities of Bulky waste, Such as cardboard and Pet bottles as Simple as Possible. The automated solution is time-saving and convenient and Brickman 1200K has the capactity to process up to 1100 kg material per hour!


The Brickman 900K/1200K has been developed to make the task of compacting large quantities of bulky waste as simple as possible. The only thing you need to do is place the material in the feeder compartment and then press the start button. Brickman does the rest!

Easy to position and automate
The Brickman 900K/1200K’s size and low noise level mean that it can normally be used indoors, where the waste products are actually produced. Savings are possible because you do not have to transport large quantities of uncompacted waste products around indoors. The supply of waste products and collection of briquettes can be handled in numerous differentways depending on the customer’s preferences, providing fully-automatic solutions for the customer.

Unique compacting ability
With the Brickman 900K/1200K in your workplace, processing times are reduced considerably. Furthermore, the Brickman 900K/1200K has a unique compacting ability that ensures a volume reduction of up to 20:1. This means that transport costs to the recycling station/ combustion point are reduced to a minimum.

  • High capacity
  • User-friendly
  • Minimal labour costs
  • Creates a good working environment – reduces attritional injuries
  • Creates good order
  • Unique compacting ability – frees up space
  • Low transport costs
  • Easy to automate the supply and feeding out of materials
  • Briquettes can be recycled

  • Extremely large feeder compartment – large amounts/volumes of waste can be fed into the machine
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Any employee can operate the machine
  • Can be supplied with material during operation
  • Easy to automate
  • No binding of compacted material

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