Orwak AB

Orwak AB

Orwak is a world leader in compaction and baling solutions for solid waste materials at the source. Orwak provides solutions for sorting and recycling waste materials that improve business efficiency, contribute to a cleaner working and natural environment; generating the best total waste handling economy. We offer an innovative range of compactors, baling and briquetting systems that promotes sorting at source and makes waste management more profitable. From pre-sales advice, through the selection process to after sales support, we take care of our customers all the way. Orwak’s headquarters and modern production facility are located in Sweden, where we have been designing and manufacturing waste compactors and balers since 1971. We have built an extensive worldwide network of representatives, allowing us to establish a local presence in many of the countries where our systems are installed.

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P.O. Box 58 , Sävsjö , S-576 22 Sweden
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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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Our products create safe and comfortable working conditions and help minimize the impact on our global environment. More compaction means less waste volume to transport, and fewer transports give reduced carbon dioxide emissions.


Orwak is a pioneer in developing high-performance waste handling systems. A strong culture of design and innovation has propelled us to the forefront of setting new standards in our business.


Over the years, we have consistently delivered uncompromised quality and reliability, earning us the reputation as a leading provider of recycling and waste handling solutions.

Our compaction and baling solutions make significant contributions to effective waste management, sustainable business practices, the well being of employees, and compliance with environmental regulations. Choosing an Orwak solution means:

    When loose waste is compacted, it means fewer container pickups, fewer trips, and less money is wasted. Furthermore, sorted and highly compacted rest material is a source of income that help you increase your profit.
    Time is Money. Less time spent on waste handling means more time for your core business!
    Proper handling of waste reduces safety and health risks and contributes to a higher level of job satisfaction.
    Space is always at a premium and you can’t afford to have it taken up by empty boxes and other loose waste materials. Our balers rapidly reduces the volume and high-density bales require much less storage than loose material.
    The Orwak Waste Into Value model helps increase recycling rates. Preparing waste free from unwanted fractions means maximizing valuable raw materials, resulting in an optimal recycling process and more profit. Baled waste provides recycling companies with a readily accepted deliverable due to its high density and ease of handling.

Orwak offers solutions for effective compaction of many different types of waste material. Due to the high compaction ratio large volumes of loose waste are rapidly turned into neat and compact bales. You find a few examples of the compaction results for the most common types of material in the menu.

The right solution for your needs

We offer a comprehensive range of products that meet the waste handling needs across multiple markets. From restaurants and shops to hotels and warehouses, our quiet and sophisticated systems are designed to work for you – we have the right size, design, capacity, and functionality for your business and its needs.

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