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Automatic Control System



The electrical control system for the sludge dewatering complete equipments developed by our company basically has the following four types: Simple electrical control system: This electrical control system can implement automatic/manual operation on the separation main machine system, feed system, dosing system as well as the dispensing system, and has functions like main equipment operation monitoring, fault alarm and interlock protection, etc. This system can meet the control requirements of single equipment.

PLC electrical control system
The PLC electrical control system for dewatering complete equipments developed by our company is very suitable for situations with complex material dewatering process and high technical requirements. This system has a very high degree of automation and field unattended operation is possible. It can display a variety of main process parameters and has nearly 30 functions such as the monitoring and alarm of each equipment abnormal state and interlock protection, make the entire working system more safe and reliable.

PLC + PLC electrical control system
The above-mentioned PLC electrical control system can network and communicate with the field PC through the communication interface or with the PC in the center control room through the user-specified network communication method, and achieve dynamic display of the equipment status and printing production reports and other functions.

PLC + man-machine interface electrical control system
This system has a touch screen for operations and display of parameter measurements which can generate dynamic images, alarm scroll and password login. And relevant process parameters can be modified and downloaded via the touch screen.

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