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- Model 5063 (PN 16) - Automatic Fine Dryer



With moist loaded gas flow becomes by a control device a spin gives. This develop centrifugal force, which discharge specific heavy particle such as drops and condensation droplets. The drops slide along the housing wall downward into the collecting area. The drops of moisture leaves the separator trom the bottom upwards over the so-called Immersion tube. A screen of the collecting area prevents raising and thrilling of discharged liquid. The collecting area Is emptied by a trap.

  • The fhe dryer hasn't a moveable part, robust, maintenance-free.
  • The drain valve has one moveable point since the rotary slide valve Is both swivel Joint and shut-off device.
  • Drainage Independent of pressure and temperature flunctuatlons.

  • Ranges DN15-25 ace DIN-EN 1092-1, PN16
  • Ranges 1/2' -1 ace ANSI B 16.5, Class 150
  • Female thread G1/2' -1' (BSP) ace DIN ISO 228-1
  • Female thread 1/2' -1' NPT ace ANSI B1.20.1
  • Butt weld DN 15-25 nach DIN EN 12627 SOWle ANSI B 16.25
  • Socket weld DN 15-25 nach DIN EN 12760 sowie ANSI B16.11
  • Other connections on request

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