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- Model BLZG Series - Automatic Vertical Filter Press



Automatic vertical filter press,also called filter cloth-run type fully automatic filter press.It is firstly appeared in the former Soviet Union in 1960s,later Germany, Finland, the United States and other countries also started to research and manufacturer this type filter press,it is widely used in the filtration of the nickel fine filter ore, zinc oxide leaching solution, enzymes, starch, caustic sludge, zeolite, copper concentrate etc.

  • Type: Vertical filter press
  • Capacity: 1-40 ton/hour
  • Weight: 5 tons
  • Size: 5*2*2 m
  • Applications: nickel fine filter ore, zinc oxide leaching solution, enzymes, starch, caustic sludge, zeolite, copper concentrate

  1. large capacity, high degree of automation. All the 6 steps of filtration, extrusion, washing, secondary extrusion, dry cake discharge procedures are in automatic control, continuous work, the capacity is 6 times than that of plate and frame filter press on the basis of same filtering area.
  2. low cake moisture content, the maximum extrusion pressure can reache 1.6 Mpa, then dried by compressed air to get low filter cake moisture,the moisture can reach lower than 10% without consideration of crystal water,even sometimes can get the ideal result without the traditional process of drying,thus saves a lot of energy.
  3. the washing step added, good washing perfermance, the filter cloth can be used alternately both positively and negatively, and have the renewable self-cleaning properties.The filter cloth is placed horizontally and the thickness of the filter cake is uniform, cake thickness can reach up to 45mm.
  4. compact structure. As it is vertical device ,occupy small ground area,so this can save the cost of the workshop.
  5. The equipment is fully controlled by the PLC control cabinet,have the function of self detecting,auto alarm etc.

Working process can be divided into six stages, but in actual operation, each stage can be freely combined.

  1. The slurry was pumped into all chambers ,the filer cake forms as filtrate flows out.
  2. membrane press 1: high pressure water was injected into the membrane in each chamber ,further extrudes the filter cake and more filtrates flow out.
  3. membrane press 2: high pressure water was injected again to extrudes the membrane,washing water come through the filter cake evenly,high efficiency washing and low water consumption.
  4. The filter cake was dried in the final stage of dehydration, the compressed air nlows all the filter cake to reduce the moisture of the cake again.
  5. the filter cake is discharged (removed out from the chambers) when the filter cake discharge system and filter cloth plate and frame system is started.

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