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The profitability and the process success for the addition of treatment products in the water conditioning are crucially influenced by the optimal dosage amount. This is dependent the continuously changing water ingredients. Therefore we have automatized the measuring of suitable parameters as well as the realization into a highly efficient dosing strategy for you and can individually customize our system to your needs. The success of water conditioning by addition of treatment products or through an extreme water conditioning is significantly depending on the chemical composition of the water and on the concentration of the added treatment products.


In practice a variety of parameters have to be recorded and usefully connected to each other. Because analytic measurement and control systems very often do not have the expected functionality or the band width needed, we provide a variety of systems from our own development and production for these and other measuring applications. Demand and standard for the development was a maximal flexibility of the plants under consequent compliance to a quality standard which meets the industrial standards. Furthermore we put great emphasis on nearly unlimited communication with common industrial data and BUS-systems.

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