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- Model RCR500 - Chromic Acid Recovery Plant



This plant is used to recover chromic acid carried out of process solutions by cleaning solutions. Water collected from the cleaning solution is cleared of metals by an ion exchanger and carried into the evaporator, where it is evaporated until the concentration is the same as in the process solution. Solution cooling through the heat necessary for the evaporator is an additional benefit. Using a chromic acid recovery plant can recover up to 95% of used acid, cutting an equal percentage in decontamination costs.

The cleaning solution containing the chromic acid remaining from cascade-rinsing the chromium bath is carried into the plant. If necessary, this water can be cleaned in the ion exchanger first before it is carried into the evaporation tower. A certain amount of solution is taken from the chromium bath and added to the evaporator. This mixture is heated exactly to a preset temperature and cycled in the evaporator tower. Depending on flow and density, between 30 – 50 liter evaporate per hour. The reduced and thickened chromium electrolyte  is returned to the chromium bath to replace the qualitative and quantitative loss from evaporation and spreading.

  • efficient filtration
  • constant surface quality
  • energy saving
  • reduced usage of chemicals
  • reduced usage of neutralizing agents
  • reduced disposal costs
  • compact build
  • automated controlling with SPS
  • easy to use

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