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AllWater Technologies Ltd (AWT)

- Model UO120WSE-UO500WSE - Flexible Budget Reverse Osmosis Unit



A flexible budget Reverse Osmosis Unit suitable for wall mounting or freestanding installation and where low demand is required. Wall mounting/stand-type unit for desalination of softened drinking water according to German drinking water regulations. Drinking water can also be desalinated without pre-treatment, with a reduced permeate recovery rate, and depending on the raw water analysis. RO 524 controller, with 24 VDC control voltage.

Unit design
Stainless steel base frame with plastic front panel housing the instruments and controls; suitable for wall-mounting or fixation on the floor.
Special 5' inlet filter with 5 pm filter cartridge and pressure gauge High pressure pump, rotary-vane type, High performance wound module with PA/PS composite membranes in stainless steel pressure vessel. Valves and instruments including solenoid inlet valve, feedwater pressure switch, permeate and concentrate flow meter, vibration-resistant pressure gauge for operation pressure, valves for adjustment of permeate and concentrate flow rate. Microprocessor control system RO 524 as described below, connecting cable (3 m) with 16 A - 6 h CEE three pole plug. Unit completely wired and pre-assembled and ready for installation. Electrical equipment in accordance with VDE 0100 part 600, VDE 113 parti.

RO 524 microprocessor control system for fully automated monitoring and control of the reverse osmosis unit, with two-digit alphanumeric display of permeate conductivity, forced stop and full tank. Malfunction signals: low pressure, hard water and high conductivity, automatic restart of operation after progressive rest period. LEDs for operation and disinfection status. Automatic concentrate flushing after each operating cycle, forced flushing after 24 h standby . Inputs (low voltage) for level control with 1 or 2 float switches, hardness monitoring unit (the RO 524 controller includes control functions for the limitron hardness monitoring unit), shut-downs by external signal (forced stop, regeneration). Outputs for softening unit (230 V/50 Hz), for 2 solenoid valves and for DDC (collective malfunction signal on floating
change-over contact). The units are designed for a maximum TDS of 1,000 mg/l, a water temperature of 15°C, a max. colloidal index of 3 and free permeate outlet, Under these conditions, the unit still reaches design permeate flow afer 3 years of operation. The permeate recovery depends on the raw water quality and the type of pre-treatment.


  • Limitron hardness monitor           Code No. 370 038
  • Concentrate flushing unit KSE     Code No. 383 196
  • Check valve for permeate             Code No. 571 205

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